National Key Discipline

    The history of Industrial Economics discipline can date back to 1960s when the famous industrial and trade economists Duan Wenyan, Liu Shijue, Min Zongtao, and Wen Qixiang founded the majors of Industrial Economics and Trade Economics in the former Shaanxi Financial and Economic Institute. Approved by the Degree Office of the State Council, the two majors had the right to award Master Degree respectively in 1981 and 1985. In 1993, the major, Trade Economics, was granted to award Doctoral Degree. What’s more, in 1998, the former Shaanxi Financial and Economic Institute was the first in Northwest to be granted to set up a post-doctoral mobile station for applied economics. In April 2000, Shaanxi Financial and Economic Institute merged with Xi’an Jiaotong University and Xi’an Medical Institute. In 2001, Xi’an Jiaotong University was granted by the Degree Office of the State Council to award doctoral degree for applied economics.
Current Situation
    After almost 40-year development, the discipline of Industrial Economics has achieved great prominences. With Professors Feng Genfu, Li Guoping, Feng Zongxian, Li Qi, Sun Zao, Zhong Weizhou, etc. as academic leaders, the discipline has fostered 4 research directions with its own study characteristics and acquired series of academic achievements. The discipline is balanced both in professional post, with 16 professors (5 enjoying government special allowances), 23 assisted professors, and 11 lecturers, and age, with average age 45. All the main members have been in charge of National Social and Scientific Fund projects or Natural and Scientific Fund projects. Furthermore, they have published high-quality academic articles in Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal, and source periodicals of SSCI.
Research Directions
1.Study on company governance, enterprise growth and industrial development during the transformation era.
2.Study on transformation of regional industry, industrial cluster’s cultivation and industrial coordinated development.
3.Study on the relationship between international economy and industrial development policies and industrial performance.
4.Study on the development of cyber economy and circulation industry.
Supporting Programs
1.The research center of industrial organization theories and policies.
2.The research laboratory of coordinated and balanced development of regional industry.
3.The research laboratory of strategic industry development.
4.The laboratory of strategies and policies of international economy and trade.

1.Professor Feng Genfu, academic leader and famous economist.
2.Professor Li Guoping, academic leader and famous economist.
3.Problem discussion by some teachers.
4.Doctoral dissertation defense of Industrial economics.

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