National Excellent Courses
    Panorama of E-Commerce is ranked as national excellent course. Professor Li Qi, the course director, is the deputy commissioner of E-Commerce Teaching Guidance Committee of Education Ministry, the ministerial commissioner of E-Commerce of China Information Economics Society, and the laboratory chief of the key laboratory of Shaanxi E-Commerce and E-Government.
Panorama of E-Commerce, the first core professional course for E-Commerce majors and a comprehensive, overlapping and marginal course, systematically introduces the basic principles, knowledge, application and laws of e-commerce. It reflects the main features and characteristics of e-commerce and delineates e-commerce basic framework, providing a necessary basis and clue for the further professional learning.
    The course is divided into three sections: theories and laws, including basic e-commerce knowledge, framework, economics, organization and management, business chains and related laws and institutions; supporting technologies, including e-commerce network platform, security, payment, and logistics; and professional application, including e-commerce in commerce and trade, finance, tourism, medium and service, and manufactures. At the same time, the course is involved in a lot of experiments. In addition to teaching, the team has also developed teaching experimental systems, which have been adopted by other colleges and universities.
    The course uses different teaching methods, such as multi-media courseware, the combination of self study and discussion, teaching and research, special lectures and on-the-spot investigation, creative experiments, etc. In-class teaching, focusing on the combination of learning and questioning, interaction between students and the teacher, and inspiring and innovative thinking and summarization, benefits not only students, but also teachers. In practice, the course encourages profound theories but feasible practice to cultivate students’ ability of analyzing and solving problems. In innovative education, the course centers on group practice and benefits by mutual discussion, which effectively promotes students’ creativities.
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